Friday, May 1, 2009

Love, Meh, Ugh

A list of things from my week that I love, could take or leave and really can't stand. Tell me what you think and feel free to add your own.

Love If you're not already signed up for this service, what are you waiting on?!?!?!?! Each day, you receive an email letting you know the day's offer, which usually is a super deep discount on something fun. Last week, I bought a month's worth of group workout classes for $25 (usually $55). This week, I moved too slow to scoop up $14 Chicago Architectual Tour tix (usually $28). The catch is that a certain number of folks (20 or so) have to sign up for the offer for everyone to get it. Your credit card isn't charged unless that number is hit. Check out this week's Chicago Sun-Times article about the service for more info.

Meeting the future: Yesterday, I media trained six juniors from Richards Career Academy in the New City nabe. I thought I might get laughed out of the classroom, but these kids were the epitome of grace, youthful optimism and awesomeness. They won Healthy Schools Campaign's "Cooking Up Change" healthy school food contest last fall, and on Tuesday, May 5, their meal is being served to the U.S. House of Representatives as well as 40,000 high school students across the country. The kids are flying to Washington, DC to take part in a press conference with HSC, government officials, and Sam Kass, personal chef to the First Family as part of an effort to push reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act, which provides most of the money for school lunch programs in the U.S. Unfortunately, current allocations don't allow for much healthy food to be served to kids, which is why the Richards Six are making their voices heard in DC. Please join them by contacting your Congresspersons and asking them to attend the lunch on May 5, and vote to reauthorize (and increase funding for) the Child Nutrition Act. Click here for details.

Saving lives (no, really): I'm very happy to report that my client's Messengers of Hope church tour and telethon generated nearly 4,000 new organ donors last Sunday. And I was tickled that I was able to generate quite a few media clips for the cause. It's not too late to sign up here if you are so inclined. One person donating their organs can save the lives of up to 25 people.

Good eats on the cheap: Click here for the scoop

Chicago Blackhawks playoffs: As a Chicagoan, I of course want the Hawks to do well, but, ummm, I kinda don't care all that much. Sorry.

Being fat, lazy and unmotivated to do better: The Kick Fat in the Ass Plan is on hiatus. Yesterday I stepped on the scale and came face-to-face with the reality I've been feeling in my tighter pants and somehow shorter tops: I've gained weight. And, I haven't run consistently in about two months. Oh, and I'm signed up to run the Soldier Field 10-miler in three weeks. Any ideas to jolt me out of my rut?

Multiple overtimes in Bulls/Celtics playoff series: Get 'er done, fellas. Folks have lives to attend to, and those of us who are self-insured can't afford heart episodes and various other ailments these endless OTs are causing. That said: GO BULLS!

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  1. I don't care about hockey either, lol. About the weight: all weight battles are roller coasters. When you truly want to lose it, you will. In the meantime, enjoy every morsel of food you put in your mouth!